Being arrested and accused of a crime is one of the most nerve-racking experiences in anyone’s life.  Especially, if the crime you are accused of carries the potential punishment of years behind bars.  During times like these we are keenly aware that clients need more than an attorney, they need a confidant, someone they can trust, someone who speaks the judge’s and the prosecutor’s language, and that has a proven track record of experience navigating the maze that is the criminal justice system. At FLG we provide our clients with aggressive, yet compassionate, criminal defense representation.  Some of the criminal cases we handle include:

Driving While Intoxicated
Driving While License Suspended
Drug Offenses
Parole and Probation
Assault and Battery
Fraud Offenses
Domestic Violence
Seal and Expungement
Law Enforcement Investigations
Grand Jury Investigations
Criminal Subpoenas
Sex Offenses
Forensic Accounting
Money Laundering
Post-Conviction Relief
Racketeering (RICO)
Weapons Charges