Fernandez Legal Group, P.A. (“FLG”) is a boutique, full-service law firm headquartered in Miami, Florida.  Strategically positioned in the commercial and financial gateway to Latin America, the Caribbean and the world, FLG provides its select clientele with unparalleled and individualized legal representation in a broad range of legal areas.  With corresponding offices in Curitiba and Sao Paolo, Brazil, FLG is poised to represent clients in the United States as well as Latin America.

At FLG our vision is simple: serve the client in an efficient, result-oriented and cost-effective manner.  We accomplish this vision daily by remaining selective about the clients we choose to represent.  Rather than focus on volume, as many law firms do, at FLG we focus on a select group of cases every year, which, in turn, allows us to provide our clients with the attention they demand and deserve.  Moreover, by remaining small we can provide our clients with the type of affordable legal representation which cannot be found in most law firms these days.

It is this philosophy and approach to the practice of law that has allowed FLG to maintain a loyal clientele.  Whether a middle-class or high net-worth individual, or a start-up or fortune 500 company, at FLG we treat every client with the same level of dignity, respect and professionalism.

We encourage all visitors to our website to look around; do your homework; compare firms, philosophies, prices, and results; and, when you are done, come sit with one of our attorneys for a personalized, no-obligation consultation.  We are confident that at the end of our meeting you will come to the same conclusion that many others have come to – that Fernandez Legal Group is the law firm for you!